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Case Studies

Discover why we're the preferred provider for 80% off all network maintenance providers.

Results And What People Are Saying

  • 55% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Parts replacement support for aging equipment
  • Superior support without forced equipment replacement
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  • 60% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Mean-Time-to-Resolution reduced by 50%
  • Superior support for new and aging equipment



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  • Eliminating costs
  • 70% reduction in SLA costs
  • No loss in uptime



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  • 200% improvement in uptime
  • 60% reduction in costs 
  • Successfully provided bridge coverage during the transition


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  • 55% savings compared to the manufacturers current cost
  • Continued use of end of software maintenance on 100% of devices
  • Superior Arch coverage on operations critical hardware
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  • 50% reduction in contract spend
  • Upgraded level of expertise at a reduced cost
  • Single point of contact for relevant contracts
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  • 60% reduction in cost
  • Single point of contact for multiple locations
  • All support T1-3 support
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  • 63 percent savings in maintenance costs over the previous year
  • Identified unnecessary service contracts
  • Consolidated all contracts into a single maintenance contract
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  • Greater than $200,000 recurring annual savings
  • Service level agreements optimized
  • Single-point contact for all technology and hardware support needs
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  • Greater than $3 million recurring annual savings
  • Eliminated $1.8 million in spending through assessment of entitled support services
  • ROI of 20x
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Saves you up to 80% & increases the uptime 
of your IT Service Maintenance

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