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Case Study - City Of Los Angeles


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Case Study - City Of Los Angeles

Posted by Arch Technology on Aug 5, 2019 2:20:19 PM

The City of Los Angeles Saves 70 Percent on Network Maintenance

The Challenge

As a government entity, the city of Los Angeles is under consistent pressure to maintain lower operational costs. In a recent round of budget cuts, the City was forced to examine their current service level agreements.

The City of Los Angeles relied on a service level agreement (SLA) provided by a third-party and the SLAs of their hardware vendors to ensure near-immediate responses to technical support needs and fast hardware replacements. While these methods served their uptime needs, the cost of maintaining these agreements was proving to be prohibitive. 

The SLA from the independent provider was costly, and coordinating support from multiple OEMs often proved challenging and increased downtime. Instead of a single point of support, the City was regularly organizing and managing support between their third-party provider and OEMs to solve pressing issues.

The City's network needed an independent provider that would provide exceptional support without compromising uptime requirements. 

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions experts assessed the City's coverage needs. To ensure accuracy, Arch’s experts reviewed the client’s in-house hardware, processes, and operating procedures.

With a comprehensive understanding of their coverage needs, Arch Technology Solutions experts reviewed each of the client’s existing service agreements, both those provided by third-party vendors and those included in the client’s OEM hardware purchases. 

The team then assessed service level coverage needs across all network devices and developed a customized SLA to cover only the equipment that was not already covered by the OEM agreements. The team's comprehensive understanding of the City's network coverage needs allowed them to develop an SLA that meets the specific uptime requirements of the City without any unnecessary expense.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the City has reduced expenditures on SLAs by 70% without lowering coverage.

Partnering with Arch Technology Solution allowed the City to eliminate costly, redundant service coverage and maintain their current uptime by providing the right coverage levels for the right equipment. 

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