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Upgrade Your Peace of Mind.

Lower your OPEX.

Future-Proof Your IT

ARCH: Network Maintenance

A multi-vendor network maintenance service that gives you complete control of your IT
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Replace your OEM contracts with a hybrid support solution that guarantees case resolution at a fraction of the cost

The truth about Network Maintenance

of devices can be covered independently with 0 change in support deliverable (TAC + HW Replacement + Software Support)
savings on your previous year cost, not just off list price
documented increase in uptime

Arch Supported OEMs

OEM Support Cost Increases Versus Arch Locked Price Guarantee



Maintenance Costs Increase Dramatically from End of Sale to End of Support Period

Substantial Opportunity for OPEX Saving

Arch Independent Maintenance beginning at a fraction of OEM with no cost escalation

  • EOL — End of Life
  • EoSW — End of Software
  • EOS — End of Support
Arch Independent Maintenance Network OEMs
One coterminous contract Many different contract numbers with non-coterminous contract end dates
All of our TAC engineers are (CCNA - CCIE) and we offer tier skipping Must escalate through T1 and T2 techs to reach senior certified engineers (time consuming)
Pay the same maintenance cost for the entire duration of the product lifecycle. We will never increase your maintenance costs Annually increasing maintenance costs (10% - 25% annually)
Service Now. We will not deny support for uncovered assets. If hardware fails, Arch will charge for replacement parts or device; add device to existing contract OEM tells you the device needs to be added, requiring PO’s to be issued, or corporate credit card to provide coverage
Intimate knowledge of OEM support vehicles, terms and conditions and FUD. Almost always more knowledgeable than the OEM themselves. Rely on FUD and protecting “cash-cow’ annuity revenue stream
Credit Policy: Arch will credit assets with 30 days notice until the end of the contract period Cancellation Only: No Credit (except for upgrades) or Refunds Permitted

Arch truly delivers on the promise of providing our customers with "A level of service they previously didn’t know existed"


Reduce your IT budget

Save a minimum of 7% on your IT/IS budget and 50% on external maintenance by eliminating inessential support costs
Decrease your downtime

Decrease your downtime

Decrease your network downtime by 40% with unparalleled technical support and 100% guaranteed case resolution
Reclaim your peace of mind

Reclaim your peace of mind

Gain confidence in your IT infrastructure with a single service agreement that guarantees all service rights entitled to you
Replace your SLAs, not your hardware

Replace your SLAs, not your hardware

We provide superior network solutions for some of the largest OEMs in the world.

One contract. Multiple solutions.

Get full-suite IT support by OEM certified technicians, dedicated client portals, and hybrid support solutions that give you complete control of your IT investments.
Full-Suite IT Support

Arch manages all of your frontend and backend IT with 24/7 support.

  • Tier 1-3 troubleshooting
  • Parts warehousing
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • Centralized contract management
Hybrid OEM Solutions

While Arch manages your day-to-day operations, we maintain contact with OEM providers to handle intellectual property needs at no additional cost.

  • Software updates
  • Bug reporting
Dedicated Client Portals

Stay in control of your IT with client specific dedicated portals for qualifying contracts.

  • Independent ticket management
  • SLA compliance
  • Centralized database for client contracts and assets
OEM Certified Technicians

Our support technicians hold a wide array of certifications from all major OEMs.

  • CCIE
  • CCNP
  • BCNE
  • BCNP
Guaranteed Case Resolution

Unlike most IT service agreements, which only guarantee response time, we guarantee case resolution, 2x faster than your OEM.

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Burdened by multiple service level agreements and an extensive inventory of hardware, Arch was able to consolidate SLA’s providing greater than $3 million in recurring annual savings and eliminated $1.8 million in spending through their assessment of entitled support services.”

Rose Marie Stone
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Reduce your IT budget

Increase your support.

Take control of your IT investments with a hybrid network maintenance service that guarantees case resolution and reduces your total cost of ownership.
Future-Proof Your IT