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En Masse Entertainment Relies on Arch to Support Game Developers and Reduce Network Maintenance Costs

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En Masse Entertainment Relies on Arch to Support Game Developers and Reduce Network Maintenance Costs

Posted by Arch Technology on Jan 14, 2020 9:55:24 PM

The Challenge

As a mid-sized company with a global presence, En Masse Entertainment must deliver the highest levels of customer service to their users. The millions of users of En Masse-published games and each En Masse client expect minimal downtime and lightning-fast resolution of all network issues.

En Masse Entertainment found that their OEM support solution could not meet the unique challenges of game developers. The engineering support from the OEM often drove cases to be open longer than necessary without satisfactory resolution. Increased downtime was beginning to affect the bottom line. This fact, in addition to the rising costs of OEM support, drove the team to consider alternatives. Without access to better software support, the company would have to switch to a new OEM, which would mean replacing functioning equipment to improve its support software experience.

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions quickly evaluated En Masse Entertainment's IT support needs and developed a customized support level agreement to meet the specific requirements of the business. The agreement focused on reducing downtime while delivering a dramatic improvement in case performance through streamlined access to expert software troubleshooting.

As a skilled network maintenance provider, Arch delivers substantially better support at Tier 1 and Tier 2 than OEM providers do; as a result, 85% of cases are resolved on the first contact. Software experts at Arch are supported by a machine-learning solutions database that is informed by the experiences and issues of thousands of clients to safeguard against future support challenges.

The support provided to En Masse Entertainment focuses on delivering the fastest case resolution without driving up costs to provide the best possible experience for their developers, clients, and users.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the En Masse Entertainment team has seen a dramatic improvement in case resolution and has avoided equipment-replacement costs. Additionally, the support provided Arch by is 50% less than the OEM provided-support. En Masse Entertainment is so satisfied with their experience that the company plans to utilize Arch Technology Solutions for many years.

En Masse Entertainment's agreement with Arch Technology Solutions provides better support, lower costs, and peace of mind. With more than thirty years of experience and 300+ certified engineers, En Masse Entertainment knows that every support call to Arch is addressed quickly and efficiently – and with a singular focus on the fastest resolution possible. 

Data Points

  • Superior software support for game developers
  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Avoided unnecessary equipment replacement

Topics: OPEX Savings, Case Performance Time and Downtime Reduction


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