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Arch Cuts Network Maintenance Costs in Half for the Department of Defense

You have options. Save up to 80% off your current OEM network maintenance.

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Arch Cuts Network Maintenance Costs in Half for the Department of Defense

Posted by Arch Technology on May 27, 2019 11:42:54 PM

The Challenge

The DoD contacted Arch Technology Solutions looking for an alternative to OEM support without compromising access to the highest levels of certified support engineers.

The DoD needed streamlined access to the highest levels of support and round the clock coverage. The Department also wanted to increase the quality of support received across all levels of network support while reducing costs. 

The DoD needed an alternative to its current provider, one that could support network demands without sacrificing the needs of the budget.

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions started by performing an expert review of the DoD's coverage needs. The team then reviewed the Department's existing service agreements and developed an SLA that meets every performance and operational requirement without exceeding budgetary limits. 

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the Department of Defense is receiving superior support for less than the cost of its previous maintenance contract. The Arch SLA delivers on every performance requirement and costs 50% less than the DoD's previous network maintenance contract.

Additionally, the engineers employed at each level of support in the Arch Technical Assistance Center (TAC) are not only OEM certified; each is highly experienced at each certification level. For example, the requirement for a Tier 2 Cisco engineer is CCIE +5years of experience. Until the experience requirement is met, the Arch TAC engineer may only provide Tier 1 support. As a result, many of our clients who access Tier 1 support are accessing a CCIE certified engineer. 

Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions has allowed the DoD to receive superior support at half the cost.  

Data Points

  • 50% reduction in the cost of support
  • Superior network maintenance at all support levels


Topics: OPEX Savings, Case Performance Time and Downtime Reduction


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