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Case Study - BT Italia

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Case Study - BT Italia

Posted by Arch Technology on Aug 5, 2019 2:50:50 PM

Arch Technology Solutions Helps BT Italia Reduce Support Costs and Improve Network Uptime

The Challenge

As a telecommunications carrier, BT Italia maintains a proprietary fiber-optic network that runs 17,000 kilometers to connect to BT's global network. In addition to their fiber-optic network, BT Italia utilizes 48 internationally distributed data centers to deliver security, flexibility, scalability, reliability, and resilience to their customers. 

Companies within the telecommunications industry continually strive to provide better services at a lower cost to customers, and BT Italia is no exception. Every dollar spent on network maintenance support and connectivity not only impacts operational expenditures at BT Italia, but it also drives up the cost of service for their clients.

As a carrier and provider of services to a vast number of business and enterprise customers, network uptime is critical. Service interruptions tarnish the reputation of the company and lead to thousands or even millions of dollars of lost revenue for BT Italia and its customers.

The company needed a maintenance service solution that could ensure the highest levels of support and the fastest response times without becoming cost-prohibitive.

The Solution

To begin, Arch Technology Solutions experts thoroughly reviewed BT Italia's uptime needs to verify accuracy and feasibility. As part of this assessment, Arch Technology Solutions' experts reviewed the client’s in-house hardware and existing SLAs.

With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s uptime needs and existing equipment, Arch Technology Solutions' experts helped BT Italia's in-house team understand how their aging equipment could continue to meet service demands through independent service maintenance. This enabled the company to maintain existing, well-performing equipment beyond the OEM's end-of-support dates to reduce current and future equipment replacement costs. 

In addition to reducing equipment-replacement-driven maintenance costs, Arch Technology Solutions developed an independent maintenance support agreement that allowed the company to ensure better-than-before uptime through faster problem resolution.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the BT Italia team has reduced mean-time-to-resolution by half while simultaneously reducing overall maintenance costs by 60%.

Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions has allowed BT Italia to eliminate costly equipment replacement demands and increase uptime by ensuring the appropriate maintenance levels for every piece of hardware.

In addition to significant cost savings and better service, BT Italia's agreement with Arch Technology Solutions provides peace of mind. With more than thirty years of experience and 300+ certified engineers, BT Italia knows that every support call to Arch is addressed quickly and efficiently – and with a singular focus on the fastest resolution possible. 

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