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State of Minnesota Reduces Network Maintenance Costs by 65%

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State of Minnesota Reduces Network Maintenance Costs by 65%

Posted by Arch Technology on Nov 4, 2019 5:26:54 PM

The Challenge

The State of Minnesota was facing the dual challenge of managing several network maintenance providers and finding coverage options for aging equipment. Much of the State's network equipment had reached the OEM prescribed End of Life date, and thus, was no longer eligible for OEM-provided support. However, the equipment was still fully-functional and operated within the network.

Managing multiple, disparate providers had proved to be cumbersome and costly; and often resulted in subpar service as the internal teams struggled to coordinate vendors to resolve pressing issues.

The State needed an all-inclusive, onsite solution that provided expert support of the entire network while improving service and reducing overall costs.

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions' experts assessed the State's coverage needs. To ensure accuracy, Arch’s experts reviewed the client’s in-house hardware, processes, and uptime needs.

With a comprehensive understanding of coverage needs, Arch Technology Solutions' experts reviewed each of the State’s existing service agreements, both those provided by third-party vendors and those included in the client’s OEM hardware purchases. 

The team then assessed service level coverage needs across all network devices and developed a customized SLA to cover all network equipment under a single contract. The contract provides the State of Minnesota with onsite support for all network maintenance needs to reduce downtime, costs, and frustration.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the State of Minnesota has reduced expenditures on SLAs by 65 percent while simultaneously improving service and support. 

Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions allowed the State to extend the life of its network equipment, reduce the number of vendors supporting the network, and improve overall service and support.

Data Points

  • 65% reduction in network maintenance costs
  • Extend life of hardware
  • Onsite support

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