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DataBank Chooses Arch as a Single Point of Resolution

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DataBank Chooses Arch as a Single Point of Resolution

Posted by Arch Technology on Jan 14, 2020 9:47:40 PM

The Challenge

Providing flexible, customizable solutions to clients led DataBank to acquire network equipment from multiple OEMs. Varying equipment manufacturers enabled the company to develop a network that contains the best of what each OEM has to offer and create an environment that is stable and reliable. However, maintaining service level agreements with multiple OEMs proved to be challenging and expensive. 

DataBank found that when an issue arose, the OEMs often pointed fingers at one another instead of working together to bring about a quick resolution. The DataBank team was left managing multiple open cases and struggling to coordinate various technical assistance center (TAC) teams to find case resolution.

The DataBank team was frustrated with the lack of meaningful support and needed a streamlined solution that allowed the company to maintain its existing equipment while dramatically improving service and reducing costs.

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions started by performing an expert review of DataBank's network coverage needs. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s coverage needs, Arch Technology Solutions' experts reviewed each of DataBank's existing service agreements and entitled coverage. The Arch Team then developed a single SLA to cover the entire network. 

Arch Technology Solutions now manages all of DataBank's maintenance providers to create a single point of contact for all technical assistance needs. All OEM agreements, third-party coverage, and entitled services are accessible through Arch's support team. 

The DataBank team opens all cases with Arch who contacts the correct provider based on the equipment, its coverage, entitlements, and troubleshooting results. When an issue involves multiple pieces of hardware, the Arch team coordinates disparate OEMs to ensure seamless coverage. 

Single point coordination of multiple support providers drives faster case resolution and reduces the stress and frustration for the DataBank team. 

As a bonus, DataBank's support includes SLA monitoring and reporting to ensure that all providers are delivering on contract promises. SLA monitoring allows DataBank to negotiate better renewal rates and creates continuity across all support services.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, DataBank is experiencing streamlined case resolution. This has allowed the company to eliminate network downtime and achieve the highest levels of customer service while reducing maintenance costs by 50%.

Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions has allowed DataBank to eliminate costly support failures. In addition to a significant reduction in downtime and costs, the client’s agreement with Arch Technology Solutions provides peace of mind. DataBank receives accurate reporting on the performance of the TAC and the assurance that their primary support provider is singularly focused on maintaining the most secure and reliable network possible.

Data Points

  • Faster Resolution
  • Single Point of Contact for All Support
  • 50% cost reduction

Topics: Case Performance Time and Downtime Reduction, Single Point of Contact


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