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Arch Continues to Save Money for Long-Time Customer, Talbots

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Arch Continues to Save Money for Long-Time Customer, Talbots

Posted by Arch Technology on Sep 20, 2019 12:20:23 AM

The Challenge

Like most companies, Talbots is under consistent pressure to lower operational costs. However, with e-commerce and catalog sales accounting for nearly 20 percent of the company's sales, the health and reliability of their network is paramount.

Arch Technology Solutions has been Talbots' independent network maintenance provider of choice for more than four years. During that time, Arch has assessed the support provided by Talbots' OEM and filled in network support gaps to ensure that uptime requirements are met.

Recently, Talbots' found that a significant portion of their network equipment was nearing the OEM's End of Life date. As a result, the cost of supporting the equipment was dramatically increasing while the support coverage either stayed the same or decreased. 

Talbots' did not have the budget to replace functional equipment or absorb the significant increase in network support fees.

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions' experts assessed Talbots' coverage needs. 

With a comprehensive understanding of their coverage needs, Arch Technology Solutions developed a service level agreement (SLA) to support the OEM's equipment beyond the End of Life date. This means that the equipment will remain in-use and supported for less cost than before and without a loss in coverage.

With the life of their current equipment extended, Talbots does not have to replace functional equipment and can redirect this savings to other initiatives. 

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, Talbots has reduced the cost of network maintenance by 50% and increased the life of their current equipment.

Talbots' long partnership with Arch Technology Solutions has enabled them to eliminate costly, OEM coverage and maintain their current uptime and equipment.

Data Points

  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • No loss in uptime
  • Extended life of equipment


Topics: Service Level Agreements, OEM Support, IT Maintenance


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