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Case Study - Mobily

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Case Study - Mobily

Posted by Arch Technology on Aug 5, 2019 2:12:58 PM

Arch Provides Superior Support to a Network in Transition

The Challenge

As the leading provider of telecommunication services to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mobily had strict uptime requirements. To facilitate team communications and manage network status, the company utilizes custom software and needed a provider that could work within their system. This mandate made it challenging to collaborate with independent network maintenance providers 

Mobily came to Arch Technology Solutions in the midst of a manufacturer transfer. The company needed bridge support while switching from its primary manufacturer to a new manufacturer. Since the new devices carried OEM included maintenance, Mobily needed a provider that could fill the gap and ensure consistent and reliable coverage during the transition.

The support team had to be experienced in both the current and new OEM devices, meet their response and resolution requirements, and utilize Mobily's in-house custom software to collaborate and communicate. 

Since the coverage was to serve as a bridge between two OEM offerings, the SLA had to include flexible terms and the ability to meet budget constraints. 

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions carefully evaluated the uptime, response, and resolution requirements of the network to ensure optimum service levels were applied without adding unnecessary costs. 

To meet these needs, Arch Technology Solutions provided a dedicated team of Tier 3 engineers to ensure immediate access to the highest levels technical support. Utilizing a dedicated team further reduced resolution time as the engineers became familiar with the network. To meet Mobily's term needs, Arch Technology Solutions created flexible SLA terms that matched the company's fiscal year dates.

The Results

Partnering with Arch Technology allowed Mobily to successfully transition between equipment providers without any compromise in network uptime or stability. In addition to successfully bridging network support, the services provided by Arch resulted in a 200% improvement in uptime and a 60% reduction in network maintenance support costs.

Arch Technology Solution's mix of flexibility and expertise created the perfect fit for this telecommunications provider in transition. 

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