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Adobe Relies on Arch as a Single Point of Contact for All Network Support

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Adobe Relies on Arch as a Single Point of Contact for All Network Support

Posted by Arch Technology on Oct 4, 2019 6:26:03 PM

The Challenge

As an industry leader and innovator, Adobe has made at least 12 major acquisitions in the past 14 years. While these strategic decisions have led the company to achieve more significant market share and given it access to fantastic talent, resources, and products – it has also forced Adobe to maintain a very diverse network.

Maintaining a network comprised of equipment from multiple OEMs creates a complex environment for managing support. Often, OEM support providers will direct clients from one support team to the next since it is difficult to pinpoint which provider's equipment is the real cause of the issue. In these situations, downtime and frustrations increase as the client struggles to navigate support agreements, entitlements, and contracts in an attempt to find resolution.

In addition to managing multiple vendors, Adobe's vast network also included many products that were reaching end-of-life, meaning that support would no longer be available through the OEM. In many cases, the equipment was still fully functioning, and replacing the equipment would create a significant disruption to business operations.

The Solution

To begin, Arch Technology Solutions experts thoroughly reviewed Adobe's performance requirements and completed a comprehensive assessment of current equipment, entitlements, and contracts. Based on the assessment results, Arch created a customized support level agreement to extend the life of equipment aging out of OEM support.

The support provided by Arch includes management of all other support agreements – creating a single point of contact for all of Adobe's network support needs. This approach decreases network management complexity while improving performance and eliminating complex network management burdens.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the Adobe has achieved comprehensive network coverage and reduced maintenance costs by 40%. Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions has allowed Adobe to eliminate costly equipment replacement demands. 

Because Arch manages all support under one contract, the company relies on a single point of contact for all support needs. Coordination and continuity have increased case performance and significantly decreased downtime.

In addition to high-quality support and lower costs, Adobe's agreement with Arch Technology Solutions provides peace of mind. With more than thirty years of experience and 300+ certified engineers, Adobe knows that every support call to Arch is addressed quickly and efficiently – and with a singular focus on the fastest resolution possible. 

Data Points

  • 40% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Superior support for new and aging equipment
  • Single point of contact for all network support needs


Topics: Service Level Agreements, OEM Support, IT Maintenance


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