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Arch Eliminates Keap's SLA Chaos and Reduces Maintenance Costs by 63%


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Arch Eliminates Keap's SLA Chaos and Reduces Maintenance Costs by 63%

Posted by Arch Technology on May 27, 2019 11:06:30 PM

The Challenge

Burdened by multiple service level agreements (SLA) and an extensive inventory of hardware, Keap was already making a significant investment in the service and support of their technology network. Multiple maintenance agreements with discrepant term dates created chaos and disorganization when a crisis hit and the team needed to rely on their support partners.

Leaders within the company recognized the need for an agnostic evaluation of their technology assets and service agreements. The company was struggling to understand how their current SLAs applied to in-house hardware and how those SLAs were meeting the needs of the business. 

As a Keap representative states, "We’d seen rapid growth over the last couple of years. Because of this, our support contracts were in chaos, and we had a feeling that we were overpaying for support, but we weren’t sure where to start."

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions experts conducted a Future Read Assessment to quickly identify areas of opportunity within Keap's current service agreements. The team defined the appropriate service and support levels for each device at each site. The Assessment also highlighted areas of coverage that could be consolidated to simplify management and reduce costs. 

Arch Technology Solutions developed a singular contract to cover all of Keap's network support needs. Managing a single contract ID simplifies every aspect of their support, from billing and budgeting to leveraging support services.

In addition to simplifying service contracts, the Arch team identified areas where ARCHSupport would provide significant savings without any change in coverage levels.

The Results

Since partnering with Arch Technology Solutions, Keap has decreased spending on service agreements by 63% over the previous year. According to Keap, "Arch quickly came in, assessed our situation, and was able to consolidate our contracts and offer independent support at a fraction of the price."

In addition to significant cost savings, this engagement has had a dramatic impact on the quality of life of the client’s staff. The network is well-supported, and the disorganized chaos that previously plagued their service agreements is gone.

Data Points

  • 63% savings in maintenance costs over the previous year
  • Identified unnecessary service contracts
  • Consolidated all contracts into a single maintenance contract

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