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Service related questions

What difference is there between Arch and OEM maintenance?
Arch prides itself on boasting the the only major difference between Arch and OEM maintenance is the phone number that you call. By utilizing OEM certified engineers, authentic OEM replacements, and all software support provided directly by the OEM. We are confident that we have the most complete solution on the market.
How do I know I’ll get a quality service compared to the OEM?
Quality of service is paramount at Arch. We are so confident in our services that we guarantee on paper that compared to the OEM we provide twice as fast response times, 100% case completion, 40% cost savings, or 150% money back. Truly putting our money where our mouth is.
How are software updates managed and do I get them?
Software updates must be provided by the Intellectual Property owner, in this case that’s the OEM. Arch TAC works through authorized channels directly with the OEM’s for available software updates and those updates are dispatched directly to the end-user via the OEM. Please note: You must have a valid license from the owner to use any licensed Intellectual Property.
Which manufacturers do you support?
Arch is a strong believer of working within our strengths and not deviating from those without substantial reason. Currently Arch provides support on the full line of Cisco™, Juniper™, F5™ and Brocade™/Foundry™ networking, VoIP, and security devices.
Upgrade Your Peace of Mind.

Lower your OPEX.

Future-Proof Your IT