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Discover The 10 Considerations You Should Be Thinking About Before You Sign Your Next Network Maintenance Contract

Network contracts are so complex that no one knows where to even begin to evaluate their effectiveness or delivery of value.

That’s why we created this resource, to help you breakdown your Service Level Agreements and begin to understand how you can save your organization millions of dollars by cutting-out unnecessary coverage and reducing network downtime.

Whether you are negotiating a new Agreement or managing existing Agreements, there are specific questions you should be asking (that we will help you with!) We will cover critical questions including:

  • Pre-negotiation - Discover how to frame up your service agreements (OEM or TPM) in your favor
  • Service - Easily understand the fine print and what you are actually paying for and what it means
  • Management - Find simple ways to keep all covered assets and detail centralized and easy to manage
  • Metrics - Best practices for monitoring SLA compliance and renewal credits for missed SLA’s


Considerations for Network Maintenance Optimizations

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"Arch was able to consolidate SLA’s providing greater than $3 million in recurring annual savings and eliminated $1.8 million in spending..."