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The Truth About SLA's That Your OEM Has Buried

Service level agreements (SLAs) are a 20 billion dollar industry and spending on SLAs grows every year. Yet the realized benefits of these agreements are continually decreasing. SLAs are complex and varied. Often, the coverage purchased overlaps with existing benefits, fails to meet the true needs of the business, and costs the organization thousands of dollars a year.

Companies are not adequately educated on the intricacies of post-equipment purchase service agreements or on the service and support that is included in new equipment purchases. We will cover:

  • Response Vs Resolve Vs Restore
  • Entitled Support & Services
  • History of SLA's
  • Modern SLA's
  • Solving Your SLA Headache



Billion Headache Resource

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"Arch was able to consolidate SLA’s providing greater than $3 million in recurring annual savings and eliminated $1.8 million in spending..."