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  • Eliminate Overspending and Under Coverage in IT Maintenance

    Gain a holistic view of all equipment and support needs to navigate complex service entitlements and OEM SLAs

    Eliminate Overspending and Under Coverage in IT Maintenance

    Gain a holistic view of all equipment and support needs to navigate complex service entitlements and OEM SLAs

Future Ready Assessment

Our proprietary Future Ready Assessment provides a detailed analysis of the gaps in your network maintenance coverage and exposes areas of overspending. Our comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • Service contract assessment
  • Service gap identification
  • Entitled service gaps and SLA overlaps
  • Roadmap to optimized support

Intelligent enterprises routinely evaluate business assets and expenditures to ensure each continues to serve the needs of the business – the same should be done for IT maintenance spending. Our Future Ready Assessment gives you the transparency you need to optimize every aspect of network support.

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Future Ready Self-Assessment

Millions in a minute. If you are not sure if a full assessment is right for your business, start with a quick Self-Assessment. Our 60-second Future Ready Self-Assessment reveals:

  • If your business could be overspending on contract support
  • Areas of unnecessary coverage expenses
  • A customized estimate of potential savings

The Self-Assessment quickly shows the health of your network maintenance support and alerts to possible network optimization and cost savings.


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Results From Previous Future Ready Assessments


Per Year Saved
by one of the top five medical companies in the world with zero drop in service level or change in vendor


Per Year Saved
by a top 20 financial trading company
while increasing service levels


Per Year Saved
on one location by the IRS with an increase in coverage support and lifecycle

Results And What People Are Saying

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Discover Your Potential Savings In 60 Seconds Or Less

Take our Future Ready Self-Assessment and find your potential savings in your service maintenance.

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Our eBooks are a great place to find in-depth insight and authoritative research.

As a leader in the industry, our experiences and education provide a unique perspective on the issues in IT service and support. Use these guides to inform your contract maintenance discussions and provide a path toward reliable, optimized network support.



We believe total transparency is key to providing the best support.

That's why we created webinars that allow you to fully understand network maintenance contracts and get the support your business needs in its most crucial moments. Our webinars combine the best of our knowledge and experience and deliver it in a go-at-your-on pace platform, so you have the power...



Our experience as the leading provider of backend maintenance support has afforded us unparalleled insight into the inner workings of our industry as captured by millions of data points.

This comprehensive research paints a frank picture of the trends we see in our industry – both the good and the bad.