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Upgrade Your Peace of Mind.

Lower your OPEX.

Future-Proof Your IT
Reclaim your peace of mind with an ARCH

FutureReady™ IT Network Assessment

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your SLAs
  • Learn how you can reduce your support costs
  • Don’t change vendors or reduce your level of service

FutureReady™ Assessments


FutureReady™  Self-Assessment 

$ 0

  • Automatic savings calculation
Take the 60-second self assessment


Silver FutureReady™

$ 5k

  • Preliminary service contract assessment
  • Identifies potential service gaps
  • Potential savings defined
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Platinum FutureReady™

$ 25k plus

  • Everything in FutureReady™ Gold
  • Overlap analysis of inventory lists by contract
  • Reconciliation of inventory lists to contract
  • Cohesive and Co-term contract roadmap
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P+ FutureReady™

call us

  • Everything in FutureReady™ Platinum
  • Overlap analysis of multiple databases & management systems
  • Reconciliation of multiple databases and AMS
  • Onsite physical audit of devices
  • Create single source CMDB for all assets
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The truth about Network Maintenance

of devices can be covered independently with 0 change in support deliverable (TAC + HW Replacement + Software Support)
savings on your previous year cost, not just off list price
documented increase in uptime

FutureReady™ Assessment Process

Arch Technology Solutions is the leader in Future Proofing network maintenance for the enterprise, and it all starts with a preliminary assessment. This graphic explains the process as well as the variety of assessments that Arch provides.
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per year saved
by one of the top five medical companies in the world with zero drop in service level or change in vendor
per year saved
by a top 20 financial trading company while increasing service levels
per year saved
on one location by the IRS with an increase in coverage support and lifecycle

What does a FutureReady™ assessment include?

ENTITLED SERVICE ANALYSIS to ensure you are covered

Find out where you are entitled to SLA’s, including parts replacement, software update support, and troubleshooting—
independent of OEM service agreements

INVENTORY ANALYSIS to find out what you are covered for

Ensure that your service levels are up to date and that you are eligible to receive them by comparing your SLAs with your physical inventory

SUPPORT OVERLAP COMPARISON to identify unnecessary costs

Reduce your support costs by comparing your current support contracts to our Entitled Service Analysis and identifying where you can leverage those services to save money

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The support gaps that are eating your IT budget

Get an ARCH FutureReady™ assessment of your SLAs by advanced Independent IT maintenance and support experts, skilled in OEM service and maintenance. By leveraging our 29 years of experience managing over $10 billion in infrastructure, you will get the entitlements you deserve without reducing your support.
The customized report will identify unnecessary costs associated with your current OEM contracts, and streamline IT solutions that maximize ROI without changing vendors.
Learn how much you can save by spotting gaps in:
  • Technical Support
  • Parts Replacement
  • Software Entitlement
Get FutureReady

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