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Beltrami County Saves 65% on Maintenance Costs


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Beltrami County Saves 65% on Maintenance Costs

Posted by Arch Technology on Nov 4, 2019 6:14:37 PM

The Challenge

As a government entity, Beltrami County is under consistent pressure to maintain lower operational costs. The County battles against an increasing poverty level and strives to provide the best resources possible for its 46,000+ residents.

To continue to provide this support, Beltrami County needed to reduce network maintenance costs without sacrificing high support levels on the most critical components in its infrastructure. While the support it received from its current provider ensured uptime requirements were met, the contract had become cost-prohibitive.

The County needed affordable, high levels of support. 

The Solution

Arch Technology Solutions' experts assessed the County's coverage needs. To ensure accuracy, Arch’s experts reviewed the client’s in-house hardware, processes, and operating procedures.

With a comprehensive understanding of their coverage needs, Arch Technology Solutions' experts reviewed the client’s equipment and uptime requirements. 

The team then developed a customized SLA to cover only critical equipment with the highest levels of support. The team's comprehensive understanding of the County's network coverage needs enabled them to develop an SLA that meets the specific uptime and coverage requirements without any unnecessary expense.

To further support Beltrami County's financial needs, the Arch team allowed the County to leverage discounts typically only available to much larger entities.

The Results

As a result of their work with Arch Technology Solutions, the County has reduced expenditures on network maintenance by 65%.

Partnering with Arch Technology Solutions allowed Beltrami County to reduce costs without sacrificing support by providing the right coverage levels for the right equipment. 

Data Points

  • 65% reduction in maintenance costs
  • High-level of support for critical components
  • Discounts normally only open to larger entities

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